About Us

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, the original Institution of Indian Art and Culture, was established by Dr. K M Munshi under the auspices of Mahatma Gandhi in 1938. Following it’s huge success in India, centres propagating the same philosophy began to emerge across the world.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Manchester was inaugurated in 1993 by the High Commissioner of India, His Excellency Dr L M Singhvi. Since then, it has been awarded a Registered Charity status, and is a recognised educational institute within Manchester Council’s Supplementary Schools Network.

The main aim of Bhavan is to preserve, promote and propagate authentic Indian culture including dance, music, languages, yoga and meditation as inherited from the ancient masters. However, Bhavan is not restricted to purely classical arts alone, it firmly believes in cultural adaptations such as Bollywood Dance, for example.

Manchester Bhavan is a community organisation run by volunteers who include professional and non-professional individuals having great passion for promoting the rich Indian cultural heritage. Manchester Bhavan started with just four students and now boasts over 100 students enjoying Bhavan activities every Saturday at Manchester Grammar School from 10am – 2pm. Our ex-students can now be found to excel in Music and Dance in major organisations across the country.

Bhavan fulfils an important educational need for students who want to learn Indian dance, music, art and culture which most of the mainstream schools are unable to provide due to lack of resources. Our teachers, who are experts in their field, follow a recognised syllabus, carry out assessments and encourage students to take appropriate examinations. There are OCR exams in Languages and PRSSV exams for music students. Where appropriate, our dance students follow the ISTD syllabus. Not only can our students gain a diversity of knowledge and experience, they also leave with valid qualifications that count for entry into further education establishments. Most of all, parents are proud to see their children gain cultural education of their heritage.

Bhavan proudly supports vegetarianism and our events comprise vegetarian catering and no alcohol. We firmly support family values including the sacred principles of ‘Matru Devo Bhavah, Pitru Devo Bhavah, and Acharya Devo Bhavah,’ meaning divinity is evident through loving and respectful interaction with our parents, family/community and teachers.

Bhavan is an inclusive organisation that aims to provide a pleasant cultural and social experience to families and individuals alike, irrespective of their backgrounds. We invite one and all to join our classes and support us in this worthy mission as volunteers.