Below are the names of our trustees and management committee serving Bhavan;


FOUNDER MEMBER – Late Mr Mukund Jobanputra.
Late Mr Mukundbhai Jobanputra
The founding father of Bhavan Manchester who sadly left us 2019.

Pravinbhai Joshi

Pravin Joshi

Pravinbhai, the longest serving member on the Management Committee of Bhavan, has contributed immensely over the years as a Treasurer and currently serving as a Trustee of Bhavan.  Having established successful business in Manchester, Pravinbhai has been one of the persons responsible for keeping Bhavan’s finances in a healthy state.  Being past President of Indian Association Manchester and President of Brahm Samaj Manchester, Pravinbhai continues to serve selflessly for the welfare of the community.

Bharatkumar Sisodia

Bharatkumar Sisodia

Having a keen interest in music from early age and joining school band etc, Bharatji is a long standing active member of Bhavan. Initially taking up charge as the Registrar of Bhavan, Bharatji has served Bhavan in his capacity as Vice Chairman, Chairman and currently serving as a Trustee.  Running his own Financial Adviser business, serving as a Trustee of the Indian Association Oldham, former Director of Asian Business Association, active member of several other voluntary organisations and serving as a Magistrate, Bharatji’s contribution has been extremely beneficial to Bhavan’s progress.



Chetana Bhatt-Shah MA Ed JP


My commitment to Bhavan was initiated by my father who was a musician and a teacher of Indian music. I learned about community service as a child in 1956 accompanying my mother to the temple in Moshi, Tanzania where she taught Bhagavad Gita classes.

Currently I also serve with 4 other British charitable organisations namely, Shree Bharatiya Mandal Gujarati School, The Thika Alumni Trust, Annapurna Indian Dance company and Samskrita Bharati, UK.

Malan Kaushal

Malan Kaushal, is a long standing member of Bhavan. Serving as Chair of Bhavan’s Education Committee, and also as Registrar, Malanji has contributed immensely in Bhavan’s progress. Qualified from University of Bombay (Mumbai), she is currently working for NHS since 2004. Along with her professional duties with NHS, her excellent organising skills have proved valuable to Bhavan.

Bhakti Kotecha


Having obtained a PGCE in Primary Education from Manchester University and a Diploma in Instrumental music from India, Bhakti has a long record of over 29 years of teaching experience.  She has inherited musical talent from her gifted parents who were highly proficient in playing a variety of musical instruments and were teachers of vocal music. Over the years Bhakti has acquired excellent skills in different teaching strategies of supporting pedagogy of music and is serving as a Committee Member as well as being Bhavan’s Sitar teacher.

Kamlesh Rajput,  M.Com. FCCA

Kamlesh Rajput

Kamlesh Rajput is a Chartered Certified Accounting and the Founder of Sterling Finance [UK] Limited. He is also a Trustee of Bhavan and provides legal and financial advice to Bhavan.

His experience includes, Business set-up and growth advice, Financial & Compliance advice, International Accounting and Import/export consultancy.  He has served in advisory position within Education, Culture & community organisations; including serving as General Secretary of Indian Association Tameside, president of Gujarati Rajput Samaj and President of ACCA [Association of Chartered Certified Accountant] Manchester Member’s Panel. Kamleshji’s experience and expertise has proved highly beneficial to Bhavan.

Alka Rauniar

Alka Ji

One of Bhavan’s long standing Committee Member, Alkaji has contributed in the Education committee as well as serving as Chair of the Programme Committee of Bhavan for many years. Having a keen interest in dancing Alkaji has coached young children in dance performances at our major events. Being a senior Civil Servant, Alkaji has contributed immensely over the years in meticulously planning Bhavan’s major events and successfully delivering them at prestigious venues.

Avni Vyas


Growing up in the UK in the 70’s was very different to what it is today.  My family had many friends who could help me stay in touch with my culture, but the one thing that was missing was a place where we could go and spend time learning the wonderful, arts and music of my mother country, which I adore so much. 

I discovered Bhavan when I my son was 4½ years old and he was enrolled as a student from there on.  I felt at home and was soon encouraged to join the team of dedicated volunteers.  As an organisation it has always been very much a family based, friendly place where everyone feels welcomed. From dancing to Sanskrit to music- we have it all.  And what makes me the most proud of being part of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan – are the wonderful students and the talented teachers.

Amit Chawhan

Amit Chauhan

Amit Chawhan qualified from Pune in India, currently working in the specialities of acute medicine and cardiac intensive care, has recently joined Bhavan’s team of active members. He is also a Lay Minister (Licensed Reader) in the Church of England.  At present, he is serving as a Lay Minister and Warden at Saint James with Saint Clements Church Parish, Moss Side, Manchester. Having both of his children learning dance and music at Bhavan for the past ten years Amitji is dedicating his selfless service for Bhavan as a Parent member of the Management Committee.