Jackie Brown

Interested in sport from childhood, Jacqui started attending yoga classes in 1971 and qualified as a teacher in 1984. She soon started her own Tuesday evening classes at Brown Lane Methodist Church which continue to this day. Jacqui emerged with further qualifications in Yoga by undertaking a three year teaching course run by the British Wheel of Yoga. In 1998 Jacqui was appointed Yoga Teacher at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (Manchester). Very soon the remarkable increase in the number of yoga students meant that her class had to be split into 3, for ladies, gentlemen and for children. Jacqui has always maintained an element of fun in her teaching while taking the discipline of yoga itself very seriously. She believes that she is a life- long learner of yoga and regularly attends Yoga seminars to improve her own skills further. Jacqui has been with Bhavan ever since it’s conception. Her friendly, caring, delightful nature has attracted many people who have become close friends over the years. Her positive influence in the yoga class has turned into great admiration and respect for Jacqui by students over the years. Jacqui, for her part, takes enormous enjoyment from watching her students make progress.