Rajeshwary Kandhasamy

Rajeswary started learning Karnatic Vocal and Violin at a young age of 12years. Her formal training began under close individual guidance of Shree Sarvaswara Sarmha. Rajeswary was an able pupil who achieved excellent marks for every grade during her training. She is privileged to have a great musician for a mother who has also been a source of inspiration and learning. Rajeswary’s mother/ teacher has excelled in Vocal music while continuing to play the Harmonium even at the ripe old age of eighty five years. Rajeswary undertook a special teaching course which she successfully completed in 2009. She is a keen musician and a dedicated teacher who feels that she is blessed to have the opportunity to create an atmosphere of music in which children enjoy and give of their best. Rajeswary has gained considerable experience in teaching violin and the violin to young children. She has been in demand, mainly by South Asian audiences, as a performer of music both in and out of the United Kingdom. This has been in fairly large venues like community halls and Temples.